SQL Server Auditing

SQL Server Auditor

To store massive amount of data or information, large organizations often choose to implement MS SQL server. The information from the SQL server can be retrieved from any and every workstation within the entire network. But since troublesome elements exist everywhere, attempts can be made by them to make unauthorized and undesirable changes in the SQL server. It becomes next to impossible to track and trace the critical changes immediately on their occurrence when the organization is quite large with numerous computers connected within the network.

SQL Server Audit software is a crackerjack solution to deal with such problematic situation since it not only monitors the occurrence of such critical activities but also notifies the concerned person as soon as they occur. This is not all, SQL Server change auditing tool makes available the entire details as what changes were made, at what time, from which workstation and where they were made i.e. Who, where, what and when made the changes. Its web console enables the administrator to give access to Audit reports. With the help of it, reports can be accessed by AD users through a web browser.

The software is embedded with helpful filter options that can unwrap or drill down the data to extract required details. Additionally, it also enables the user to alter the settings so as to automate the delivery of real-time alerts or reports to the concerned recipients as soon as the suspicious activity takes place. By archiving all the logs centrally, this software allows to uphold compliance standards such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI and GLBA. 360 Degree view tab in RADAR provides a quick glance of all changes made into SQL Server along with resource consumption.

Microsoft SQL Server auditor is available as a part of LepideAuditor Suite. Other components of software are Active Directory auditor, GPO auditor, Exchange Server auditor, File Server auditor, and SharePoint auditor. Get Real-time updates on your smartphone or tablet with LepideAuditor App for SQL Server Auditor, available for both Apple iOS devices and Android devices. This App provides real-time notifications about critical configuration changes, server availability, resource consumption, etc.


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Software Features
Enables the user to audit all SQL servers within the entire network using a centralized platform. One can also store these auditing logs in newer version i.e. SQL Server 2016.
Facilitates to track the SQL server changes as who made them, what changes were made, when and where. Reports have been designed in the Compliance specific format.
Audit specific user activities and Operations as per requirement.
Dashboard to give graphical auditing overview of SQL servers in the network and list of what all server and database objects are being monitored.
Extremely safe and secure because login credentials used to access the server are saved in encrypted format.
Generates real-time alerts on occurrence of undesired changes.
Provides data filter options that helps to unfold the minutest of detail to the last level. Filter reports on the basis of Objects, Databases, Who, Where, Owner name, Application name etc.
Allows to automate the report generation and its delivery to the recipients.
To fulfill the compliance requirements, SQL Server Auditor provides the ability to check the status of every single and multiple instance of SQL Server.
Makes available long-term archiving options meeting compliance standards such as SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, FISMA, PCI DSS and SAS.
Archive audit data and generate reports based on audit data. Delete data from Archive database and main database of software.
Offers 70+ predefined compliance reports so as to perform detailed compliance checking.
Allows to mail and export reports in PDF, CSV and HTML format from the UI of software.
Allows administrator to change the location of the backup captured by LepideAuditor Suite and also move the backup from one location to another.
Its easy SQL health monitoring available with more than 10 reports allows you to keep constant check on health status of SQL Server.
LiveFeed to give information about changes as and when they happen on software home screen.
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